Our first priority is to our members.  This means that all projects, tasks, events, workshops, etc will be geared to raising the awareness and skill level of each other first.  Strong individuals make strong businesses.  Strong businesses make a strong community.  A strong community makes a strong community framework.  A strong community makes a peaceful neighborhood.  It's back to 'airline policy'...put the oxygen mask on yourself first...

Can we provide educational workshops?   YoloCANN
Can we do community outreach?   YoloCANN


YoloCANN will provide a forum for scientific, reasoned, and sensible education available for the benefit of its membership and our community partners.

Community Collaboration & Development

YoloCANN will bridge and blend together other agents of change in the region to become stewards of our communities.

  • Intra-Regional Networking: Curating and activating a network of professionals that will support the best interests of our membership
  • Community Programming: Pioneering a more holistic approach to cannabis policy with the development of durable, community-oriented programs for the benefit of the membership and the general public
  • Social Mixers: bringing our communities together to mingle and celebrate


YoloCANN will advocate on behalf of its membership for the advancement and stability of cannabis policy within local, regional, state, and national political spheres of influence.

 “We can only see a short distance ahead,
but we can see plenty there that needs to be done.”

~ Alan Turing

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