Together we can create and maintain something sweet

honey bees

Whether we agree on every point or project, we still have common goals in our businesses and lives. 

We all won't be able to attend every meeting, work 3-days a week on paperwork, organize and event or...whatever. We're busy people right?  What we YoloCANN is bring our skills-as needed-whether that be teaching, event planning, legal craftsmanship, compliance guidance, helping a fellow business owner, etc.

We are a diversified crowd.  If we approach YoloCANN in that spirit there is a wealth of knowledge and resources to share with each other. Not only does this create an efficient machine to sift through the chaos but it also lightens the load in areas for which you're not familiar, or which are not your strong-point.  A little injection of "you" into the group pollinates little injections from your brothers and sisters...Many hands make light work, yes? 

Give it some thought.  Your seat at the table is waiting.  You are welcome and needed.

"Vision without action is a daydream.
Action without vision is a nightmare”

~ Unknown Japanese

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