There are so many ways for you to be involved with YoloCANN.

The important thing is to BE involved.

You've heard it before, right?  No time?  Busy with the business?  Avoid the drama?

It's so important for us to develop and strengthen our local network. Not just for the 'political' landscape but for the future of our industry, relationships, neighbors, patients, business transactions, etc. Yes, we're legal now but the education process continues at all levels.
We have to first educate ourselves!  After that, we can reach out with confidence and strength. We have a great opportunity to form the models we'll be operating under for the near and long term.

Your voice is important!

Membership is free.

Those wishing to sponsor YoloCANN and/or a specific event or project... please Reach Out.

"Life does not care about your excuses
And neither do your goals."

Meiyoko Taylor

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