Initiative - Cannabis Fairness Act

freetheweedA citizen's Initiative regarding cannabis has been filed in Yolo county.

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Cannabis Fairness Act

California now has a rigorous legal framework for these uses. Yolo County should adopt these same standards and treat cannabis and the cannabis industry the same as any other plant, product, or business.

Therefore, the people of the County of Yolo ordain as follows:

  1. Yolo County shall treat Cannabis as a plant, which shall be eligible for all agricultural exemptions and benefits, and cannabis shall not be designated or treated differently from other plants or plant based products.
  2. Yolo County shall treat cannabis, cannabis products, and cannabis businesses the same as any other plant based agricultural business regarding operations, zoning, setbacks, nuisances, and any or all other plant based agricultural business regulations or restrictions.
  3. Yolo County shall issue all commercial cannabis permits within 30 days of an applicant submitting a written request to the County that complies with California State standards, and there shall be no fee for such permits.
  4. Yolo County shall impose no tax, charge, fee, or assessment of any kind upon cannabis cultivation, production, manufacturing, or distribution. Any such “taxes” or collections on the cannabis industry shall only be applied to retail transactions to end users; and any such “tax” shall not exceed an addition of 4% to the sales tax that would otherwise be collected. Any such charges collected between November 1, 2017 and the enactment of this initiative shall be fully refunded.
  5. For all matters not covered by the preceding language, Yolo County shall not impose any regulations upon cannabis related activities that are more restrictive than established by the State of California.
  6. Yolo County shall recognize the provisions of this initiative for all cannabis operators with an active, pending or expired permit or interim permit from Yolo County prior to March 1, 2018 and subsequent to the adoption of this measure; but Yolo County shall not issue any more than 200 total cultivation or business cannabis permits until after November 1, 2020, including permits already issued.

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